Board of Directors

  IN THE 1900s

Before Can-One Group was formed, there was only Aik Joo Can Factory Sdn Bhd (“Aik Joo”) which started operation as a small tin-can converter and manufacturer supplying biscuit tins and kerosene tins to retail business. Aik Joo was founded by Mr. See Eng Lok in Penang.


With the growth in its tin can business, Aik Joo acquired its first factory in Mak Mandin, Butterworth.


As Aik Joo’s business flourished led by demand for edible oil tins, biscuit tins and general tin cans, Aik Joo opened branches in Pandamaran, Klang and Pasir Gudang, Johor by acquiring factories and new production lines.

Ajcan Sdn Bhd (“Ajcan”) was incorporated for the purpose of investing in the factories.


With new innovations such as square cans with bung hole, tapered oil drums and flattened cans, Aik Joo continued to stay competitive in the tin can business.

At the same time, Aik Joo ventured into the overseas markets by exporting its edible oil tin cans to the ASEAN countries.

  IN THE 2000s
Due to overwhelming demand for its tin cans, a fourth factory was opened in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor.

Aik Joo was wholly taken over by a privately held company, Eller Axis Sdn Bhd (“EASB”). Iska Tenaga Sdn Bhd, a Bumiputera company, subsequently acquired a partial interest in Aik Joo from EASB.

With a new management at the helm, Aik Joo and Ajcan ventured into the manufacture of jerry cans to complement its tin can business.

Canzo Sdn Bhd (“Canzo”) was set up to also operate the plastic jerry can business.


Can-One Berhad was incorporated to facilitate the floatation exercise via the acquisition of Aik Joo, Ajcan and Canzo.


On the completion of the acquisition of Aik Joo, Ajcan and Canzo, Can-One was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 19 July 2005.

Subsequent to listing, Can-One acquired Can-One International Sdn Bhd, Sanjung Nuri Sdn Bhd and Amber Alliance Sdn Bhd.

In order to meet the increasing demand and growth in its tin can and plastic jerry can business, the Group invested in five (5) new factories, comprising one (1) in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor, three (3) in Mak Mandin, Butterworth and one (1) in Pasir Gudang, Johor, and new production lines.


In creating additional demand for tin cans, the Group acquired a factory in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor to commence production of dairy and non-dairy products.

F&B Nutrition Sdn Bhd (“F&B”) was acquired in the process to operate as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) of sweetened condensed milk. 


To overcome the shortage of factory space in Mak Mandin, Butterworth, an industrial piece of land adjacent to an existing factory was acquired.


The stringent guidelines adopted by the Group in its production of jerry cans resulted in the successful penetration by the Group into the pharmaceutical sector.

Foreseeing the direction of the future expansion of tin cans and plastic jerry cans, the Group acquired a factory in Mak Mandin, Butterworth and leased a factory building in Pandamaran, Klang.

The Group introduced and commenced production of a new packaging product, Bag-In-Box.

A new second milk plant was commissioned in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor to quadruple F&B’s manufacturing capacity. An adjacent land behind the existing factory was also acquired for future expansion.

F&B added evaporated milk to the range of products offered to customers.

The Group is one of the largest tin can manufacturers in Malaysia by output capacity and is a market leader in the edible oil segment.

The Group is also one of the largest manufacturer of plastic jerry cans in Malaysia by output capacity.

The Group via F&B, is an OEM of sweetened condensed milk, sweetened beverage creamer and evaporated milk for international brands.


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