Journey to Sustainability
Our Sustainability Report
Scope and Basis
Our Approach
Governance Structure
Stakeholders Engagement
Materiality Assessment
The Group endeavors to conduct its business activities in a responsible and ethical manner by embedding sustainability practices in our business activities to ensure the long-term growth and profitability of the Group.

Continuously growing business profitability as a value to our shareholders, creating beneficial value to all stakeholders, furnish customers with high quality products, and develop mutually beneficial business relationship with suppliers. Reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable water usage, efficient energy usage, minimising greenhouse emission, minimising waste generation and increase recycling practices. Provide a safe, conducive and facilitative working environment for our people where employees can contribute and grow their career and are treated with respect.
The Group pursues its sustainability approach according to these sustainability principles:

  • Embed sustainability practices in every part of the value chain of our business activities.
  • Consider all stakeholders’ interest during the planning and implementation of sustainability approaches and strategies.
  • Periodically review our sustainability approach and practices to ensure the journey aligns with our business objectives.